Brower 8 Hog Feeder
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A two-door, single-sided feeder for eight hogs. These wide doors allow even the largest hogs to eat comfortably! The heavy doors with sturdy lid supports close automatically. Outside catch keeps damaging moisture and rodents out. Inverted “V” bottom maintains steady flow of grain. Trough has a feed saver flange to prevent animals from raking feed out. Swing-type hinges allow the top to drop down flush with the side of feeder. Made of 20-gauge zinc-coated steel with 16-gauge door. Capacity: 3-3/4 bushels. 36" H x 23" W x 20" D. Shipped directly from Iowa factory. Allow extra delivery time.

  • Item #: HP9928

Brower 8 Hog Feeder

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