Vogelzang Durango High-Efficiency Wood Stove with Blower
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The Durango™ by Vogelzang is a features Turbo Burn™ technology produces a hotter fire for a longer period of time. It does this by delivering air through cross-drilled reburn holes in the top of the firebox resulting in a more complete combustion of your wood. This produces the hotter fire that will extend the burn time of your load. The Durango™ will heat an area up to 1800 sq. ft. The stove comes with 4 legs, hardware kit, an adjustable 110V 100CFM blower assembly, a 2.2 cu. Ft. brick lined firebox and a cast iron gasketed feed door. It even meets the stringent emission standards of Washington state. Door opening is 12 in. W. x 9 in. H. and the firebox will accept a log up to 26 in. L. Stove dimensions are 32 in. W. x 17.5 in. D x 26 in. H. NOT for installation in mobile or manufactured homes. Comes with a 12 month limited warranty on parts and NO labor.

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Vogelzang Durango High-Efficiency Wood Stove with Blower

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